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ActiveLeagues is the most comprehensive, free Web-based league management product, featuring secure online registration, scheduling, and team homepages for administrators and athletes. Part of the product family.
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Competetive travel club team with players selected from all over Southern Arizona.
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Former NY Yankee Steve Balboni conducts private individual/team hitting lessons. Steve is also running a youth baseball camp in Linden, NJ June 27-30, 2005. The camp is open to boys and girls ages 10-16.
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My name is Jason Thompson, I am a former major-leaguer, and three time All-Star. I have just released my first video titled " A Lesson On Hitting Success". It features top-notch instruction for coaches, kids and parents. It also covers the mental & physic
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ID Sports Cards, Unique Custom/Personalized identification cards for all sports, clubs and activities. Choose a stock background or we can produce a team background or other custom background of your choice. THE ID for your bat bag or athletic bag!
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Professional Instruction...Personal Results. Everything you
need for excellence in the art of hitting. Get free newsletters
and on-line, PERSONAL INSTRUCTION, from professional players
and coaches.
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baseball & softball instruction in hitting, fielding, pitching and throwing. 9 different age level select/travel teams.
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Grand Slam U.S.A. Sports Complex has Baseball Camps, Clinics for Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Private and Group Lessons, Batting Cages, and a Complete Pro Shop with a wide selection of Baseball Equipment.
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Home of First Tennessee Fields, Gameday Baseball, Gameday Sports Academy & Gameday Prospects
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Full Count is a website devoted to the needs of amateur players and coaches. From equipment giveaways to instructional articles, Full Count strives to give players and coaches what they need to succeed. We will be adding several new features to the site i
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baseball and softball instruction with locations across the U.S.
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Coach Bill Montgomery's Homepage
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Baseball hitting drills and hitting tips as well as baseball instruction and baseball training advice related to hitting.
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Commentary, Education, and Research on Hitting and Pitching. Help and discussion of baseball and softball pitching and hitting.
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Expert baseball tips from a championship coach's experience and perspective, offering creative insight to helping others learn the game of baseball.
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Expert baseball tips from a championship coach's experience and perspective offering creative insight to helping others learn the game of baseball.
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The Dixon Discoveries are the findings of the Dixon research team concerning the cause of movement and the principles that produce athletic ability. Revolutionary and unique to the findings is the discovery that all athletes have the natural ability to pe
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E-train Sports provides information in the realm of baseball instruction. Some of our services include baseball drills, coaching strategy, pitching mechanics, hitting mechanics, practice planning, and much more .
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Diamond Star Baseball and Softball Camps offer the best in individual instruction for every young participant. Located in central New Hampshire, our process of teaching involves positive reinforcement and active participation to learn the games of basebal
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Baseball Clinics, Instruction and Services
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Little league, tee balball players can benefit from this major league hitting device
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Tee ball practice drills and tips
(Clicks: 106; Listing added: Feb 7, 2005)  [Details] [Broken?] provides coaches with important information like free archives of plays, drills, strategies, tactical/technical instruction, coaching tips, books, videos, newsletters & software
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