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Youth Baseball
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We pride ourselves on respect. When you chose to be part of the Havoc family you will know good people, people that you will remain friends with for a lifetime. We love to win games, will work hard to accomplish our goals and never sacrifice our good character in the process. If this sounds like a fit for your 12U ball player then give us a call, we would love to schedule a tryout.....

Richard Nelson 941-350-0523
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Long Island Lightning Basebell 10 U
Premier 10 U Little League Baseball Team.
Summer 2009 Championship Team
Fall 2009 First Placre Team (tied)

Chris Goodis 631 831 5540
Contact for a tryout
Oakdale / Bohemia Suffolk County
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Coaches know that each time the ball is hit, every player on the field has a job! Obviously, at least one player will try to field the ball. But did you know that every other player should be moving: to cover a base, backup the hit or a throw or play cuto
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2006 K-ball team from Lions Field
A.G. Edwards Lions
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P.O.N.Y. Baseball organization providing programs for kids 5-14 years of age.
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Lake Villa Defenders 2009 10U travel team located in lake county Illinois.

WE are looking alway looking for tournaments to play in. We are always open to hosting game at our home field in Lake Villa.

If you have a 10u team: and would like to play a competitive game.

CAll 3122969329
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Online games, safe kids and teen chat rooms, message boards, polls, sports, fashion, music, reviews, news, homework help and more.
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Home page of the kensico Little including schedules, standings, sponsor information and lots more...
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Complete Fundraising Resource and Store: justFundraising.
Find all the highest quality fundraising products at the most competitive prices in the industry.
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Junior League Baseball Magazine is the full-color, national monthly magazine devoted to youth baseball players, parents, coaches and leagues. Edited to readers ages 7 through 18 and adults, JLB provides expert advice on baseball fundamentals, skills-build
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InfoSports - Youth Baseball Links
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Youth Sports on the Web. On this youth sports site you will find youth sports tournaments, message boards, drills and coaching tips for baseball, basketball, soccer, football, softball and hockey.
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