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13U 2004/2005 Youth baseball club
(Clicks: 302; Listing added: Aug 3, 2004)  [Details] [Broken?]
12U Travel Ball Team
(Clicks: 322; Listing added: Oct 27, 2005)  [Details] [Broken?]
West Torrance Little League
(Clicks: 117; Listing added: Aug 26, 2004)  [Details] [Broken?]
California youth baseball teams
(Clicks: 647; Listing added: Dec 23, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
13U club baseball team - Ventura Ca
(Clicks: 158; Listing added: Aug 28, 2005)  [Details] [Broken?]
Youth baseball instruction techniques. Pitching lessons on Video CD. Learn and teach curve ball, slider, fast ball, mechanics and strategy, for ultimate pitching skills. For kids and coaches, Little League, students and children.
(Clicks: 81; Listing added: Jun 24, 2002)  [Details] [Broken?]
Home for the Tustin Pony Baseball League of Tustin, Califorrnia
(Clicks: 91; Listing added: Mar 20, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
We are the Rangers...The Tri-City Rangers!! A rookie 9u travel team from the Norwalk area.
(Clicks: 112; Listing added: Dec 20, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
The Official website of North Torrance Little League Baseball
(Clicks: 91; Listing added: Feb 18, 2005)  [Details] [Broken?]
AAU Baseball for ages 9-18 in Southern California.
(Clicks: 914; Listing added: Aug 23, 1999)  [Details] [Broken?]
SoCal Black Sox, a Competitive Youth Travel Ball Club Team originating from Whittier. Providing different level of play and opportunity to Whittier Youth Baseball Players.
(Clicks: 270; Listing added: Oct 12, 2009)  [Details] [Broken?]
Travel ball team based in Los Angeles area focused on player development as well as development as individuals
(Clicks: 793; Listing added: Mar 29, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
(Clicks: 890; Listing added: Feb 20, 2005)  [Details] [Broken?]
The league is for players age 13-14. Allgames are played at Dapper Field in Sierra Madre. We have 6 teams this year.
(Clicks: 322; Listing added: Mar 29, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
16 and under travel team that is looking to pick up some games over the weekend.
(Clicks: 63; Listing added: Oct 26, 2005)  [Details] [Broken?]
Home page for Scripps Ranch Little League
(Clicks: 52; Listing added: Aug 28, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
Santa Barbara Pony Baseball features three divisions-Mustang, Bronco, & Pony. It also serves as host for five local club teams.
(Clicks: 30; Listing added: Nov 5, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
The Vipers are an independent traveling team representing the greater San Jose area. They will compete as 15 year olds during the 2002/2003 baseball season.
(Clicks: 90; Listing added: Oct 28, 2002)  [Details] [Broken?]
Select 13U travel team from San Jose,Calif
(Clicks: 179; Listing added: Dec 12, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
Home of the 2001 9U AAU National Champions
(Clicks: 68; Listing added: Sep 11, 2001)  [Details] [Broken?]
18 & under San Diego based summer club team
(Clicks: 104; Listing added: Jul 20, 2002)  [Details] [Broken?]
11U Travel team competing in CABA, USSSA and SuperSeries Tournaments in Southern California
(Clicks: 156; Listing added: Dec 20, 2004)  [Details] [Broken?]
14u and 18u travel teams.
(Clicks: 244; Listing added: Feb 6, 2002)  [Details] [Broken?]
Redondo Sunset Pony Baseball website
(Clicks: 331; Listing added: Dec 15, 2003)  [Details] [Broken?]
Pleasant Hill Baseball Association has both a house league for both boys and girls beginning at age 5 and a boys traveling program. 3 registration dates occur between early November thru early early December. Practice start in mid February. Check the website for more info.
(Clicks: 31; Listing added: Aug 12, 2009)  [Details] [Broken?]

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