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Rotisserie and head to head leagues with free transactions and excellent cash prizes. Weekly reports via email or mail.
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The MegaLeague is an APBA Baseball League which uses Baseball for Windows
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Matchup two teams and their statistics, today's players can face the greats from earlier eras.
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We need 10 owners.
Its only $25 per team 10 team keeper league with a 30 man roster.

For more info e-mail me at
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The Internet Simulated Baseball League is a 24-team league simulated using Diamond Mind Baseball (DMB) For the Computer. Owners participate in a 162-game season and then fight through playoffs all in the hopes of winning the World Series!
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1 in 3 Wins! Unlimited free trades, no salary cap, and free
online demo.
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The GNUru's expert fantasy sports site.
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Fantasy Sports R Us offers fantasy sports leagues and contests in baseball, football, hockey and basketball. Private fantasy league services available.
(Clicks: 3; Listing added: Jan 20, 2002)  [Details] [Broken?] offers free fantasy baseball leagues and tons of contests. Also offers complete Fantasy Baseball Commissioner where you can run yor own fantasy baseball leagues or fantasy site.
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Fantasy sports resources and links Poker links
(Clicks: 4; Listing added: Feb 27, 2004)  [Details] [Broken?] is a rapidly-growing fantasy sports community. Featuring in-depth player profiles, advice from qualified fantasy sports experts, and daily updated feature content and player news, has it all.
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A comprehensive fantasy site with daily articles, innovative statistical analysis, historical comparisons, forums and over 30 writers to contribute to our understanding of the world of fantasy baseball.
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